Quality Commitment    
We, the management of Aquatrade commit ourselves to supplying quality products and services, which continually meet or exceed the needs of our customers while at the same time ensuring the profitability of our company.

To this end, I, the Sole Proprietor, endorse this pledge by providing the necessary resources to ensure that the following COMMITMENT TO QUALITY and OBJECTS FOR ACHIEVING QUALITY are understood, implemented and maintained.

The following objectives reflect Management's commitment to quality:


To maintain a disciplined approach to determine required outputs, identifying customers and identifying their requirements in order to enhance our ability to meet their needs and expectations.


To retain a strategic planning process for achieving quality leadership by integrating quality improvement planning with overall business planning.


To retain an organisational structure with clearly established lines of authority and communication to ensure that adequate and continuous control is exercised over activities affecting quality.


To create and sustain clear and visible quality values at senior management level together with a management system to guide all activities of the company toward quality excellence.


To retain a systematic approach to operations based upon sound design principles and the integration of process control with continuing quality improvement to ensure the quality of all goods and services delivered.


To retain a base of information which supports both the company's overall quality management system and a proactive based approach to quality.


To establish needs and provide adequate training for each employee to ensure that the quality objectives associated with their responsibilities can be achieved.


To retain a quality management system which consistently contributes to the improvement of the effectiveness, flexibility and competitiveness of the business as a whole and involves every function, every activity and every employee.